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What we do

PR that connects your dreams, goals and purpose with your people

We love working with you to effectively communicate your messages to the wider world but, appreciating exactly what public relations and communication means to you and your brand gives you a greater understanding of what Underground Communications can offer.
Although many people believe that public relations is simply sending press releases and obtaining media coverage, this is just a small part of what we do for our clients.

And, yes, we can organise launch events that are a memorable experience. But this is not the starting point for your strategic communication campaigns, nor is it the major part of what we offer your business.

Even before the event of social media, public relations and communication professionals have advised brands on a holistic solution to communication issues, both internally and externally, that use various channels of communication, many of which don't involve the media.

Everything you produce that includes information about your brand, or people working within your business, needs to reflect your philosophies, goals and purpose.

Understanding what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it is the starting point for everything we do. We take your dreams, passions, goals and ideas and articulate them to your stakeholders. Your drive is our starting point.

By looking at your communications as a whole we can give you an effective strategy that builds on a logical process, as well as providing you with an external review and assessment.

And, for truly powerful campaigns we make sure that you utilise the most important aspect of communications by listening to and discovering what it is that your market really wants.

Our services go deeper than simply getting publicity. Underground Communications looks at why you need to communicate your messages and who you need to communicate with then creates an integrated approach for effective delivery.