Loved working with Underground Communications. Karen and her team put the customer first and were flexible with tight timelines getting us a good range of media coverage when it was needed.

Fraser Cargill, Vice President Government Relations, Pearson Asia Pacific

I enjoy working with Karen on our media strategy. She comes up with great ideas and good insights when things aren't working the way that we would like. She is definately a PR expert and very switched on to the digital world.

Celeste Kirby-Brown, Sales and Marketing Director, Ezypay

I wanted to introduce a drugs & alcohol presentation series that would really make a difference to the lives of our teens after spending over 22 years treating the results of drug and alcohol experimentation.

Working with the team at Underground Communications saw The 3 Minutes – All it Takes to Save Your Mate seminars become a reality. They helped us refine the concept and put together a great launch event to introduce the idea to the local community and the media.

Dr Themi Garagounis (Doctortg) author, speaker

Being new to all things online and more particularly social media I found myself in a position of requiring professional assistance to market my brand. I tentatively dipped my toe into the waters of Twitter and was lucky enough to stumble across Karen. After our initial telephone conversation there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I had struck PR gold.

She listened, challenged and questioned me unlike anyone else had ever done. Within a very short period of time Karen has helped to lift my profile which has shown immediate results in increased traffic to my company's website. Karen's professionalism & enthusiasm is infectious. Her commitment and fabulous communication means that I can now concentrate on what I do best and feel completely comfortable in the knowledge that the social media side of my business is in great hands.

Susan Murdock, Director, Exclusive Bags

Having struggled with doing my own newsletters and promotions I was happy that a friend recommended Karen.

I no longer have to spend hours thinking what I'm going to write to my customers regarding new shipments or sale promotions. Karen does a concise, breezy and informative newsletter with accompanying photos of promotional material. And the most important part of all this is the positive feed back I get from my customers, they love the fact that I keep them up to date whether it's new season stock or a sale promotion.

Alla Brusentsev, Proprietor, Vald'Arno Boutique

Karen was very helpful in creating a well written and targeted campaign that caught the eye of our market. She sourced all suitable media and tailored all media releases to gain maximum coverage.

Working with Karen has increased our exposure threefold, which in turn has increased our sponsor's exposure. Naturally we are achieving more for less cost which every small business should be aiming for.

Jason Grier, Managing Director, Ready Rugby

When we introduced a web-version of our software, Karen was able to grasp the product's nuances and functionality, and write online help that was intuitive to our users.

Richard Johnston, MD, Billback Systems

Counselling is a very personal and sensitive area. I needed a website that gave my clients information and still maintained a level of privacy and trust. Karen managed to help me convey the essence of the way that I work without overwhelming people with technical details.

Lily Wong, Counsellor

Karen is a professional writer of the highest calibre, who meticulously researches, formats, edits and proofs her documents. Her punctuality and professionalism meet all the expectations and she always meets even the tightest deadlines. She understands exactly our needs and delivers her work in an organised and efficient manner.

Mariana Thomas, Marketing Manager, Lawpoint

Having bought an existing business, the website we inherited was old and tired. Karen breathed life back into it and increased the functionality to our clients.

Trevor Lonstein, Owner, Adrite

I had been sitting at my desk spending countless frustrating hours pondering copy for our latest major colour releases. Karen was able to take on a subject she had little prior knowledge about and turn out quality copy in a timely manner that is very readable and convincing. Why would I try to do it myself again?

Guy Vissel, Marketing Manager - Australasia, Interpon Powder Coatings