What's your ROI (Return on Impact)?

Social purpose and social impact are topics that are discussed in the media and online with increasing regularity at the moment. And, whether you realise it or not, we all, both individuals and organisations, have a social impact. The question is whether, and to what extent, your impact is positive or negative and for that matter, do you care? 

spot(moon)light on getting it right

I’m sure many of you watched in horror earlier in the week when, on the set of the Oscars during the final award, there was frantic scurrying to halt proceedings during the announcement of Best Picture, although not before there was enough time to make three speeches. Within hours there were clever marketing campaigns and a myriad of media stories circling the internet.

I can just imaging the communications team for PwC going into meltdown within seconds, not least because it was live…across the globe.