The Purpose Problem

It seems that purpose is the word on everybody’s lips at the moment. You’ll find it very prominently on this website that we do PR on Purpose and, being part of the Conscious Capitalism community I’m officially a card-carrying member of the purpose club. 

The other day I read an article that suggested our current focus on seeking our purpose is causing unnecessary stress, especially when applied to 20-somethings who begin to feel less than perfect if they can’t articulate their raison d'être in 10 words or less.


As we head into another new business year (does anyone really work in January - in our defence it’s near impossible to sleep so functioning on all cylinders is a rare occurrence at this time of year), I have high hopes that this fine country is in the process of a brand identity renewal.

Have we rested on the laurels of the Lovable Larrikin for far too long? It’s not really an identity that serves us well if we want to be taken seriously on the world stage, not least because where do women fit in with that?