What's your ROI (Return on Impact)?

Social purpose and social impact are topics that are discussed in the media and online with increasing regularity at the moment. And, whether you realise it or not, we all, both individuals and organisations, have a social impact. The question is whether, and to what extent, your impact is positive or negative and for that matter, do you care? 

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times...

I was reminded yet again recently, not that I personally have ever forgotten, that genuine connection is worth as much, if not far more than the perceived honour of being featured in the media.

One of my biggest issues is getting people to understand that public relations is NOT media relations. Seriously, it isn’t, and PR Daily, one of the industry’s leading resources seems to agree.

Not just another New Year blog post!

Well, actually, it probably is just another New Year blog post but without a resolution in sight.

I’m getting the vibe that 2014 was a particularly challenging year for many people, me included, but the main theme for the year was growth and learning. So many people I know were presented with adversity and triumphed, straggling over the finish line bruised but definitely not beaten, ready to take on 2015.