random acts of pr ness

a purpose-driven PR team

You may be wondering why you've just watched Sekou Andrews talking about money - you did watch, right?

For us, the future of business lies with those organisations that are driven by passion, purpose and that recognise that people are the key to their success. For them money, a result of this magic combination, is what allows them the privilege of maintaining a sustainable business future that supports them, their team and suppliers without being at the expense of community or environment.

This incredible poem makes our hearts beat faster and describes with great passion exactly how we believe business, and the world should be run. If it did for you too, we need to talk!

we believe fully in partnership and collaboration.

No man is an island, as the saying goes, and the best ideas are developed in excited, arm-waving, whiteboard-scribbling get-togethers. Whether in person or via technology, we take your goals and passions, combine them with our creativity and experience, and together produce a road map for your business communication and relationship management. Just think of us as your offsite communication department.

We're in it for the long-haul and love seeing your work and ours come to beautiful fruition.