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In the early hours of 1st March, 2015, Innovative Air Solutions and Gillespie Cranes will roll a crane with a 350 tonne rating into Bridge Street to begin a 15 hour operation to lift and remove two outdated air conditioning units that use phased out refrigerant R22, on the building housing iPrimus Telecom. They will be replaced by one super-efficient Australian-designed... Read More
For the last part of 2014 we were working towards the launch event of our amazing client Moeloco. The Moeloco Beach Walk for Hope was a huge success and it even gained coverage in the Weekend Australian Magazine! If you’re a subscriber, you can read their coverage of the Beach Walk for Hope in the January 24th edition on page 14.
Moeloco - Dream Crazy
Wednesday, January 14th 2015Dee Why Beach, Sydney, AustraliaNew flip-flop brand, Moeloco, held their official launch event at Dee Why beach this morning, supported by a beautiful crowd and stunning weather, creating the perfect conditions to showcase this new brand and tell people a little more about how purchasing Moeloco's is helping to create a better world for children in... Read More
Thank you to the Sutherland Shire Leader and Monica Heary for this great piece of local coverage featuring the Embrace Life, Live Life  Sutherland Shire Ambassador Janine Donnellan.Just because something is new doesn't necessarily mean that you'll feature in the paper but it's great to see the Sutherland Shire Leader getting behind the first ever Wellness Community Festival in... Read More
Embrace Life, Live Life, an innovator in the health and wellness space, will be hosting their second annual Wellness Community Festival on Sunday the 19th October, to be held in the iconic Harbord Diggers Club in Freshwater. The festival comes just in time to welcome the warm weather and provide advice on recharging your health and avoiding the common spring illnesses.  ... Read More