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Late last year we made a rather ambitious commitment to work towards becoming a registered B Corp by 1 March 2018 and, with the great talent and resources we have on our team we are well on our way to that goal. It's a lengthy and involved process, ensuring the key values and intentions that we have naturally as a brand are documented and recorded as specific policies. This... Read More
When you work hard at building your brand, establishing strong values and have a passion for your purpose it's very easy to get blase about what it is you're actually trying to achieve because it becomes so ingrained in your daily life that it's just part of the norm.We've really enjoyed a few fulfilling and busy weeks and we are currently in negotation for some pretty amazing... Read More
We have been honoured to welcome aboard new client, The Global Society this week. Sarah has been hard at work, collaboratively putting together a mountain of information to share with the media in anticipation of an exciting announcement on Monday.Rob Malicki and his team have recently launched startup student membership platform,The Global Society to help connect students who... Read More
On 20 September, our Creative Director, Karen Morris, attended th Sydney book launch for Doin' Time, written by Whitelion General Manager, Rachel Porter.Karen has developed a strong connection with the not-for-profit organisation, having spent the night in jail twice for one of their major annual fund raisers, Whitelion Bailout."I first came across the organisation when they... Read More
It was our privilege to be asked to contribute our PR skills to spreading the word about a charity art auction held in Manly on 17th September.
Heather Loudon, a local hairdresser and artist, decided to take her local councillor’s request to give back to the community she had just been granted citizenship in seriously. She put in nine long months of hard work creating... Read More
Senior Communications Consultant Sarah Watson has joined the Underground Communications team to develop content and execute media strategies at our boutique Sydney public relations consultancy.

For more than 16 years, Sarah has worked in PR and communications in the UK and Australia in industries spanning manufacturing, health, IT and finance.

"We are... Read More
At Underground Communications, we love working with innovative clients who are doing something spectacular. So we’re thrilled that out client Service Today has made the Smart 100 list with their Review Bee service!
The Smart 100 index was developed by Anthill in 2008 to identify and rank Australia’s 100 most innovative products. It is Australia’s largest awards program... Read More
Earlier this year, we worked with Innovative Air Solutions on their project with Commander, which shut down Bridge Street in Sydney’s CBD for 15 hours.  The project was to replace two inefficient air conditioning units, both using the refrigerant R-22, which is being phased out under the Montreal Protocol due to its ozone depleting properties. In place of these units, a new... Read More
In the early hours of 1st March, 2015, Innovative Air Solutions and Gillespie Cranes will roll a crane with a 350 tonne rating into Bridge Street to begin a 15 hour operation to lift and remove two outdated air conditioning units that use phased out refrigerant R22, on the building housing iPrimus Telecom. They will be replaced by one super-efficient Australian-designed... Read More
For the last part of 2014 we were working towards the launch event of our amazing client Moeloco. The Moeloco Beach Walk for Hope was a huge success and it even gained coverage in the Weekend Australian Magazine! If you’re a subscriber, you can read their coverage of the Beach Walk for Hope in the January 24th edition on page 14.