internal communications

Internal communications and employee engagement is a key focus for any organisation with an eye on growth and performance. Ensuring that employees, contractors and other internal stakeholders are engaged and informed, as well as given the opportunity to contribute to the growth and forward movement of a company is essential.

As a team we embrace an inclusive and collaborative approach to our working environment and we extend these entrenched values to our work with clients. 

We have a fluid and flexible approach to internal communications that takes into account your individual company culture, values, location and goals.

We can help you

  • Develop a communication strategy that is designed to work with your internal systems
  • Plan an implementation timetable
  • Address unique challenges within your organisation
  • Offer advice and creative ideas on how to better engage your teams
  • Provide creative ideas around internal shared value and embedded giving
  • Collaborate on employer of choice programs
  • Implement internal surveys and focus groups
  • Measure and evaluate internal communications success  

multigate medical products

As a key part of our strategic vision to move the company forward in 2017 and beyond, we needed to create a strong and inclusive internal communications program. An all-employee survey indicated that sharing of information and the implementation of a recognition and rewards program were top priorities for the staff. We engaged Underground Communications to develop and bed down an internal communications strategy that addressed our unique culture and multi-lingual challenges, and to guide and internal team in the execution of that strategy.

The team delivered the strategy and content on time and, collaboratively with the marketing team, created multi-platform solutions, including the development of our own internal TV News channel.  Underground are continuing to work with our internal team to coach and shape the disciplines that will ensure a sustainable and ongoing communications program.  We are delighted with the speed and effectiveness of the program and after launch it is already driving excellent feedback from Management and staff.

Mark Stewart, Head of Brand & Communications, Multigate Medical Products

knauf australia

We have worked closely with the Underground Communications team on our overall internal and external communication strategy since 2015. Since then, having developed an understanding, not only of the technical nature of our products, but of our culture and operations, they have become an extension of our marketing team.

Working directly with all internal stakeholders they provide advice, strategy, content and communications seamlessly.

Stephanie Olsen, Marketing Manager, Knauf Australia