random acts of pr ness

how we reach out

Helping our community is of paramount concern to the team at Underground Communications and we believe that there are many ways that we can make a difference. Some of them are monetary, some are with our time and others are by providing opportunities to those who would otherwise be overlooked.

australian red cross - humanitarian partner

The team at Underground Communications proudly supports the Red Cross through their Humanitarian Partner program. Our donations help to fund a vital community service that allows the Red Cross to make an important daily phone call to frail and elderly Australians. These calls provide much desired human connection to those who are otherwise on their own, and also serve as an early warning sign that something may have gone wrong. If the call goes unanswered, an agreed emergency procedure is immediately put in place - saving lives.

Whitelion - annual event supporter

Our Creative Directer has been involved with Whitelion for over two years, supporting their annual Bailout event, which involves sleeping overnight in a juvenile detention centre to help raise money so that the charity can carry on with its vital work in getting kids off the streets and into better, more meaningful lives.

She has also supported several other events and will continue to look for more ways to help support Whitelion with work that aligns with her values and vision for the future.

Wakehurst rugby club

Our creative director has been heavily involved with the Wakehurst Rugby Club for many years. With three sons playing at the club, making the step to being a committee member in various capacities seemed a natural progression to spending an inordinate amount of time at the club anyway!

In a professional capacity, Underground Communications has assisted with several events, including a memorial dinner in 2014 to commemorate the life of their president, who sadly passed away suddenly, leaving his wife and young family behind. The dinner successfully raised several thousands of dollars in order to help them in the difficult period following this sad event in their lives.

We also organised the 50th Anniversary Dinner for the club in 2015, which aimed not to just celebrate the club's history, but also bring former members back into the Wakehurst community and grow the connections once again.