Doin Time

On 20 September, our Creative Director, Karen Morris, attended th Sydney book launch for Doin' Time, written by Whitelion General Manager, Rachel Porter.

Karen has developed a strong connection with the not-for-profit organisation, having spent the night in jail twice for one of their major annual fund raisers, Whitelion Bailout.

"I first came across the organisation when they presented a video at the Sydney BNI Red Carpet Breakfast in 2015," says Karen. "I didn't even have to think twice about taking part in the event as the work that Whitelion does is exactly where my giving back passion lies"

"I'm a firm believer that we all can come to a fork in the road at some point, generally in that no man's land between child and adult, where we think we know everything but don't have the wisdom of life to back that up. And, when kids come to that fork, having someone to guide them through the speed bumps of life can make all the difference to their futre. And, ultimately, that means the future of our society as a whole."

Rachel's book outlines the stories of seven men who have been in jail and analyses the circumstances that brought them there and the actions they chose in their life. All the proceeds from the book go back to Whitelion to help with the tireless work they do.

"Having been involved in a number of Whitelion events now, I'm looking forward to developing even stronger relationships with the organisation in the future. We're looking for ways that we can extend our partnership to increase our contribution to their vital work."

You can purchase a copy of Doin' Time from Rockpool Publishing. As well as a fascinating read, you'll be doin' some good.