content development

It’s important that your values and messages are consistent across all of your content and that you are conveying the message to all of the groups that you deal with in your authentic voice.

As part of our work as your communications department, we provide quality content across all platforms such as your website, marketing collateral, social media and direct communications that is consistent with your media relations and general communications.

Knauf Plasterboard

Knauf manufactures and distributes plasterboard, compounds, cornice and associated products and systems. They are major supplier of plasterboard and associated products to the light weight construction industry and have excellent relationships with a wide variety of operators in the construction industry, from architects to builders and tradespeople.

They take their responsibility to the environment and the people who work as part of their team very seriously, helping Knauf to become one of the safest companies in Australia.

We have been working with Knauf on a series of case studies that highlight both their products and the relationship they have with those who use them.

case studies

We have worked with Underground Communications on several case study projects. We need our case studies to incorporate several elements:

  • what the owners of the projects expect
  • how the architects have addressed it
  • which challenges the architects, builders and contractors may have met and
  • how our products have helped them solving these challenges

We usually have very little space available to achieve this and want it to be reasonably entertaining but technically accurate. Karen has helped us to create meaningful and sharp content for a number of case studies, while remaining true to the various sources she has gathered the related information from. We have been impressed by the diligent and quality service of Karen and the Underground team and are very satisfied with our ongoing collaboration.

Christian Erlenwein, Senior Product Manager, Knauf Plasterboard