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community relations

One of our core areas of focus is helping our clients develop and manage strong, long-term relationships through specific, targeted communication programs.

Because our values are all about inclusion, respect and authenticity, we specialise in community relations, which is the development of relationships in YOUR business community. This may be relationships with your clients/customers, your staff, your suppliers, your affiliates or the wider community.

We look at your goals, match them to your values and mission and collaborate with you to find the most effective method of communication that will help you achieve those goals.

Effectively, we become your communications team, with the ability to manage and advise you on all aspects of your communications and engagement.
We can help you:

  • Connect with key stakeholders in ways that are relevant to their needs, your goals and your mutual benefits
  • Research areas where you have gaps in your specific business community and offer ways to connect with new groups
  • Set up new or revised communication programs to help deepen and develop stronger relationships

Embrace Life, Live Life

Embrace Life, Live Life is the brain-child of Deborah Shepherd. Through a series of annual Community Wellness Festivals Deborah’s goal is to bring together local wellness business owners and connect them with each other and clients in their area. Their point of difference is the pre-event and ongoing support that the business owners receive to help them provide their clients with a professional service that provides them with a sustainable income.

Deborah’s primary focus is on community and creating strong connections for her clients, the exhibitors. We have worked with Embrace Life, Live Life over a number of different festivals, including the International Peace Day Festival, on developing a strategic approach to how they communicate with exhibitors, the local community, the media, schools, sponsors and celebrities.

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Deborah Shepherd, Director – Embrace Life, Live Life

Community engagement and relations

“At Embrace Life, Live Life, we are all about community. So, taking a concept around connecting and growing an industry through collaboration, being supportive and a genuine openness where everyone wins, can be a difficult message to take to market and for people to see in action. It needs many layers of communication. 

Working with Karen we are building a heart-centred approach to demonstrate that we more than just a festival, how we value our customers while defining ourselves and our industry as professional, informative and approachable.”

Deborah Shepherd, Director – Embrace Life, Live Life