community relations

Our values are all about inclusion, respect and authenticity, so one of our key areas of focus is community relations. This can take many forms, such as events, collaborations, art exhibitions, craft markets or even a networking event roadshow.

The key aspect of this work is community engagement that develops stronger relationships for your business. This may be relationships with your clients/customers, your staff, your suppliers, your affiliates, charitable organisations or the wider community.

We collaborate with you to find the most effective method of engagement that will help you achieve your engagement goals.

We become your outsourced communications team, with the ability to manage and advise you on all aspects of your community engagement.

We can help you:

  • Connect with key stakeholders in ways that are relevant to their needs, your goals and your mutual benefits
  • Research areas where you have gaps in your specific business community and offer ways to connect with new groups
  • Set up new or revised communication programs to help deepen and develop stronger relationships

St Ives Shopping Village

"I would highly recommend the team at Underground Communications. St Ives Village has worked with the team for over a year on strengthening our community and school group relations.

They are highly adaptable to whatever projects come their way; from booking out our Gallery Space consistently over a 12 month period, to organising and managing workshops, securing articles in local press and co-ordinating our Seniors Week schedule. The team are great to work with and can be relied on for implementing a wide variety of projects."

Mel Scarf, Marketing Manager

Embrace Life, Live Life

“At Embrace Life, Live Life, we are all about community. So, taking a concept around connecting and growing an industry through collaboration, being supportive and a genuine openness where everyone wins, can be a difficult message to take to market and for people to see in action. It needs many layers of communication. 

Working with Karen we are building a heart-centred approach to demonstrate that we are more than just a festival, how we value our customers while defining ourselves and our industry as professional, informative and approachable.”

Deborah Shepherd, Director