Bringing in the winds of corporate change

When you focus on your brand and become really clear about what you want to achieve with your business, it’s amazing how you start to connect with exactly the sort of organisations that are right for you.

DCC Jobs is certainly one of those companies that has all the attributes that align with our own brand values and we’re honoured that they’ve chosen to work with us on a couple of their key campaigns, starting February 2018.

DCC Jobs is a jobs board with a difference, posting jobs for women with employers that meet a set of specific requirements, such as pay equity, flexible work practices, gender equality and more.  They are high energy and distinctive in their industry, creating ripples across all industries through the employers they work with. 

As a company that is effecting real change in the corporate world, with companies updating their employment practices specifically to meet the DCC Jobs screening criteria, they are a client that feeds directly into our own mandate of being involved in changing corporate culture.

Our first campaign with them is for their annual event - Superhero Daughter Day - aimed at primary school girls aged five – 12. In a series of events across the country, the girls and their parents will experience hands-on activities that introduce them to STEM concepts with the hope that these interests will continue throughout their lives.

With so many initiatives in the pipeline, we’re looking forward to helping them share their message and the winds of change that they are bringing with them.