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what does your business heart look like?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 - 19:10

I find having a business heart an interesting concept. My business journey, particularly over the last twelve months, has seen me delve deeply into why I do what I do. For a while this was the source of great stress because I thought that there had to be only one WHY.

Thank goodness I discovered that wasn’t the case because I have many reasons why I do what I do. The most obvious is that I love it. I love writing, I love being creative, I love connecting people, I love coming up with a strategic concept that just works. I love helping other businesses achieve their goals.

But, there are some deeper reasons as to why I do what I do. One is to help effect a corporate cultural change, something for a future blog post.

Another is because I have a passion for helping to guide others, including teens, to making positive choices for their future. This may seem incongruous with running a PR consultancy but, we’re looking at ways that we can build this aspect of giving back firmly into the business as we grow. In the meantime, I take opportunities where I can to get involved.

Just over a week ago I spent the night “locked up” in Yasmar Juvenile Detention Centre (now a training facility) as part of the Whitelion Foundation’s Bail Out event. I first came across the event at a BNI Red Carpet Awards breakfast a couple of months ago and I immediately knew I needed to sign up.

Although this event is made fun in many ways, the experience was both confronting and moving, being given the experience of meeting people who had been through ‘the system’ and come out the other side.

As a business owner, I feel that we have an opportunity and a responsibility to make our community (whether that’s immediate, our city or the global community) a better place. We are more than the products and services we sell. We have staff, suppliers, customers and many other people who are touched by what we do day in, day out.

A conscious business owner recognises that they are in a privileged position. And they recognise that ‘giving back’ needs to be meaningful, most particularly to themselves. If it doesn’t resonate with you as a business owner, and with your brand values, then bye-bye authenticity.

I have no idea why this is so meaningful for me. I had what I consider to be a very privileged upbringing. I don’t come from a wealthy family by any stretch of the imagination, but I have always lived comfortably. However, many of the kids I mixed with didn’t and, in the Northern English town I grew up in there was a high rate of unemployment, teenage pregnancy and crime. I guess it’s hard not to be touched by that when it’s all around you, even if you do live in your own little bubble.

So, my business heart is full of passion for many things and I’m looking forward to the time when it will be directly, rather than indirectly, responsible for changing someone’s future and life. Will you share what makes your business heart tick? And, if you have a bit more room in it for those kids, there’s still time to donate so I stay out of jail! ;-) Just follow this link to help make a difference to a young person.