random acts of pr ness

Random Acts of PRness

Friday, October 24, 2014 - 15:40


So, it’s a couple of years since I’ve blogged. And, truth be known, what came before was less of a blog and more of a few articles designed to establish my credibility within an industry that seems to have lost its way a bit, at least to the outside world.

As PR professionals I sometimes think we’ve done a rubbish job of PR for ourselves because I don’t think I’ve ever really met anyone who thinks that PR is anything other than sending out media releases and organising a good old shindig.

Why ‘Random Acts of PRness’? A few reasons really. Basically, I wanted to avoid a PR 101 blog that just spews out the Latest industry trends, 5 ways to get your business noticed, How to talk to the media, yadda, yadda. Instead I wanted to be able to express how I feel about communication, community and developing and establishing strong relationships for the greater good – of your own world and the big, wide world in general.

It’s random because I’m likely to go off on a tangent on something that’s caught my eye. And, it’s acts of PRness because there are so many ways that we develop authentic connections and communications and, in my view, following a set formula doesn’t lead to genuine, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. When you give freely, without expectation, you get back ten-fold, not necessarily in physical, tangible rewards, but in finding a balance between satisfying needs and striving for higher goals. That’s how the world has developed and, unfortunately, I think we seem to have forgotten this.

I’m also a firm believer that we all need to take care of each other. Not necessarily in the emotional or parental or best friend sense, but in a watering our garden sense. By that I mean that if we work together, recognise those who help us develop our business, our career, our family, then we can hopefully return to a time where everyone is needed, and recognised for what they do in service of others. Where the CEO is happy to shake the hand of the cleaner and thank them for a job well done, but then go further by giving them a decent living wage and make sure that they’re properly recognised for providing the rest of the staff with a clean and well-kept environment where they get to spend each day, and take for granted a great environment to work.

I’ll likely bang on quite a bit about Conscious Capitalism, a concept that I came across around a year or so ago that finally provided a concept that fitted with my view of the world. I’m currently embarking on a journey of discovery through books and articles on this subject. I may end up with more questions than answers and that’s absolutely fine as continually learning keeps us alert and open for new experiences, discoveries and connections.

And, I’ve been on a bit of a soul change lately, you know, like a tree change or sea change, but where you stay in the same physical place, you just have a bit of a radical life shift and return to a time of heart-centred, mindfulness living. It’s an ongoing journey and I highly recommend it.

And, whilst this is definitely a business blog, we’re all human and life is, as my beautiful friend Angela Raspass will tell you, a wholehearted journey. So, if I get a bit personal at times, I apologise in advance :)