random acts of pr ness

we love to deliver purpose-driven communication and connection strategies


What we do

We are a boutique public relations consultancy specialising in community relations and strategic communications for conscious businesses.
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We seek out passionate business owners and leaders who drive their business with purpose and they love what we do
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This is not a PR 101 blog, it’s Random Acts of PRness, a collection of musings about connection, engagement and kindness
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PR on Purpose

Why PR on Purpose? Because your purpose defines your organisation and your communication needs to follow suit.

Underground Communications is a vibrant and dedicated team of PR professionals who strive to combine creative ideas with a purposeful approach to communication. For us public relations is not an afterthought or just another part of your marketing toolkit, it is an integral process in business communications and development. Nor is public relations limited to making contact with the media.

Investing in a strong and deliberate communication and relationship management strategy allows a business to grow sustainably. By this we mean that you grow, your supporters grow and you develop a strong, long-lasting business community that benefits you, your tribe and, if we're lucky the wider world too.

Together, we work with you to help raise awareness, both external and within your organisation, support your core values and connect your brand with every one of your stakeholders for the long term.